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Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile Crusher, which is also called Portable crusher, incorporates all the equipments together on one truck, which has high chassis, narrower body compared with other trucks, this ensure the crushing plant be easily transported on highways and moved to crushing sites, so it is able to achieve on-site crushing without material transporting from one place to another place.

Mobile cone crusher is our company's newly developed ore-crushing equipment, whose appearance greatly expands the concept of crushing field. Mobile cone crusher can be widely used for crushing and screening in many areas such as road construction, building, metallurgical and energy industries, etc.

Working Principle of Cone crusher :

The cone crusher is composed of main frame, countershaft, eccentric shaft, socket bearing, crushing head, adjust device, bowl and so on. When the crusher works, the electric motor revolves eccentric shaft by horizontal shaft and a couple of bear gear. The axle centre line do the rotary oscillation, this make the surface of mantle sometimes close the surface of concave ,but sometimes leave, thereupon the mineral is ceaselessly squeezed and circles to crush in the crushing chamber.

Features of Mobile Cone Crusher:

1. high flexibility
2. Compactly structured and simple to operate.
3. lower transportation cost
4. high efficiency
5. Superior performance and convenient to maintain.
6. Adjustable configuration

Technical Data of Mobile Cone Crusher:

transport dimensions
Length(mm) 10800 12200 12500
Width(mm) 2480 2743 2900
Height(mm) 4170 4200 4200
Weight(kg) 28800 31500 39600
Axle weight(kg) 15900 17200 22100
King pin weight(kg) 11300 14300 17500
Cone crusher
Model SDY900B SDY1200D SDY1700D
Ertra coarse(mm) 155×75 102×134 115×220
Model 4YK1235 4YK1545 4YK1548